Monday, November 2, 2015

Yesterday's anniversary

A year ago, yesterday, I bought my bus. What a wild ride it has been so far!

That's what she looked like last year.

My word, how much has changed!

My original plan was to have the bus livable for January as Aerotek, the agency had promised me work in Charlotte in a medical office starting in January. Needless to say like all agency promises, it was hot air. I've learned from that and from other interactions over the past decade that agencies are just a bunch of liars and even written, cosigned contracts that have been witnessed and notarized are utterly worthless.

Needless to say, January has slipped a little. I've been promising myself that it'll be ready soon for so long that I've stopped making goals. It'll be ready when its ready.

The current hold ups are....
1. Electrical compartment.
2. Water tanks.
3. Miscellaneous items.
4. Reregistration of the bus as a motor home.

I'm quietly confident that some time in the next 12 months it will be ready.

The electrical compartment needs to be able to carry 120lbs of battery and be able to withstand the shock of sudden braking and bad roads. The water tanks don't yet exist. I know what I want as water tanks but am putting off getting them yet because of the ludicrous cost of shipping and because I might get them cheaper locally.

After all that is done, I could add batteries, solar panels etc but the basics have to be water with a manual pump and tanks. Electricity can be piped in from the outside or a portable gas cooker used temporarily.

I realise I could have done all of this a lot cheaper and faster but I've been trying to make the bus more of a restful, homelike place rather than something that reminds me how hard my life has become.

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