Sunday, November 15, 2015

Progress this week was minimal

I'm waiting for things to arrive which is frustrating. I'm also waiting for my next paycheck before I buy anything extra. I cannot go over what I earn without reducing myself to such a low level that life would be intolerable.

Today got off to a slow start but I replaced the countertop on the bathroom vanity. It just seems more sense to have a countertop and a plastic bowl when I need to use water. The bowl can be tossed into the shower when its not in use.

Aside from trimming that top to shape (its not rectangular), I looked around and found a cigarette lighter plug. That can go into the cigarette lighter socket in the console with the other end connected to my solar panel. In theory that should put some charge into my bus batteries. With luck, more than is lost.

I looked at the welder instruction sheets and found a very useful information sheet on how to weld. It doesn't mention hitting the cooled welds with a hammer to check for failure but it looks very useful.

On the other side is a setup instruction sheet. That looks equally useful. I gather the handheld face mask probably isn't that convenient but unless I really need to use both hands, I'll use it. From a safety point of view, one hand employed holding the mask seems better.

I believe I mentioned yesterday reading the instructions for the welding rods. As can be seen below, they are very informative and useful. I wouldn't mind betting that people writing negative reviews of the Harbor Freight 70A welder haven't bought the right rods or used the right power supply.

Meanwhile, I'm definitely finding the cooler weather makes for a chilly experience, working outside. I must be getting soft in my old age!

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