Thursday, November 19, 2015

The boobytrapped meter?

Today my new multimeter arrived today. It looks good and seems to work. The message on the back is a little puzzling though.

"Wear ANSI approved safety goggles when changing battery". How puzzling! Does this mean that my meter has been boobytrapped by the Chinese sounding seller in Texas? Is it all part of some inscrutable Chinese plot to take over the world? Is the infamous Dr No involved?

Perhaps I should refer this to the NSA as being a suspect package? Maybe it's a former lover getting her revenge in a sneaky manner? Maybe it's the husband of a former partner, finding that he has quite something to live up to.

Now that I've seen such a dire warning, I just had to open the back to see just what diabolical mechanism was lying inside. Retreating to an open space at the back of the four acre lot, I pulled out a screwdriver. The good ladies of the trailer were warned to check for nuclear fallout should the resultant explosion decimate a substantial area of the potato patch.

I must admit to being bloody disappointed! After opening the back there was no explosion, no shrapnel, no flying springs nor sailing banshees. There weren't even flying pixies rushing out of the case. It was boringly mundane!

Perhaps the oddest thing was the name of the battery!

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