Sunday, November 29, 2015

Not my weekend!

I guess it's just not my weekend for welding! I woke with another fever and struggled to walk 3 loads of lightweight things 100 yards from one trailer to another. That exhausted me!

After a suitable rest to recover, and having completed my electrics yesterday, I fancied a spot of welding. Thus I cleared a spot outside of leaves and laid two pieces of steel tubing ready to do some practice welding.

Then I unpacked the welding box. I'd expected perhaps some gloves and a mask of some sort. Nothing of the kind! There was a paltry instruction manual that didn't explain what one of the strangely shaped pieces of plastic included was for. Nor did it explain the lower of the high-low settings on the welder.

Included was an eye protector for somebody with a single eye - perhaps some kind of cyclops? It certainly wasn't in any way adequate for anything I could envisage!

So, it looks like another trip to the store for proper protective equipment. I'm estimating probably another $100 there. By the time I can use the welder I'm estimating I'll have spent $250. It's almost looking cheaper to have paid somebody else to do the damn welding! Of course there would have been little to no satisfaction in that.

Still, I'm in this now so I have to finish. I'm going to have to teach myself welding. That might be a very useful skill to have!

Meanwhile, my eBay multimeter is giving strange readings. Yesterday it was giving me strange resistance readings on unconnected wires. Today it couldn't make its mind up whether my 12v solar panel was giving me 0.00v or 16.5v. It's really all rather frustrating.

Speaking of eBay, I had a communication from the seller of the heatsinks ordered from China: Thanks for your waiting, Please don't worry, everything will be fine.

This is confirm that we shipped out your item immediately on Nov 8th. As it is economy shipping way, free shipping, so there is no tracking number. The number: 33343918782 that you received is just a package bar code for us record, it cannot be tracked to be frank, but our shipping agent can locate the package position by using their interior tracking system, we can offer tracking number for each item price over $32 only , hopefully get your understanding,

According to our shipping experience, it normally takes 25 to 30 working days to arrive (weekends are not included, about 35 days).Sincerely hope you could wait for it another 2 weeks. Your understanding and patience will be highly appreciated. It should arrive soon.

if you have any issues, please let me know, i will be always here at your service.

Thanks for your waiting and have a nice day.
Clearly the seller's name is not Anne as their English is too poor. They're also talking nonsense because just about every other seller provides a functioning tracking number. It's also inconceivable that the heatsinks take longer to arrive than the 10 days everything else takes. I smell fish!

All I want to do is to work on my bus! Is that too much to ask?

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