Sunday, September 6, 2015

The fruits of my labors!

Today was a continuation of yesterday. Although huge amounts weren't done, I'm reasonably satisfied with what was done. Most of today's delays were caused by two things.
1. Because my wiring is well over what's required in order to allow for expansion, the cables were very hard to handle. Indeed it was quite a fight, dealing with the main 55A cable.
2. Because I'm unfamiliar with the US electrical system I was having to stop and look things up on my phone. Needless to say that wasn't without its hilarious moments. No matter what I said orally to the phone, it transcribed it as "Google play Google play Google play Google play" so I had to clean my hands and type!

The plate I glued on the underside of the floor and put the first part of my cable guide through was riveted into place. That took forever as I was working in a very confined space. The hillbilly cable compartment needs to be rebuilt properly. That's on my agenda but not right now. The wood is rotting and quite nasty! After the plate was riveted, the cable was passed through the supplied rubber grommet and everything was tightened firmly.

Next I worked on the breaker box. First I wired the socket that I'd rivetted on yesterday. That was quite a battle! The cable I chose is definitely heavier than necessary and somewhat hard to manage.

The breaker box lacked an earth connection so I riveted a bracket to it. I didn't bolt the earth wires to it yet. By the time I finished it was just too dark to hunt for a bolt. The breaker box was riveted to the inside of the bus. The bus will be fully earthed every time it's plugged in. That can't be a bad thing!

The main cables were connected. I'm hoping the information I found online was accurate. I guess I'll have to get one of those pin tester things from Walmart that lets me know if live & neutral are crossed etc.

Remaining to do - install and connect the two sockets and install and connect the main breaker plus (for now) put a pigtail connector on. I have a 30A RV plug that I could use or I could just wire a 15A plug to plug into the household 15A line for testing.

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