Friday, September 11, 2015

Did I err?

Should I have gone the gas route? It's not something that can't be put in at a later stage. It's always possible to build an underbody compartment for a gas tank and to run a length of hose to a small gas cook top mounted on the kitchen countertop. As far as gas leak detection, that's just a case of spraying soapy water on the joins and looking for bubbles. That would have meant I coulkd have had instant hit water for the shower etc.

Another thought... Had I known of small pot belly stoves when I started construction, perhaps one of those and different construction techniques could have been used. That would have given great winter heating. An underbody compartment would carry spare fuel. Cooking might be impossibly hot though. Two other issues - critters in the wood and smoke as well as ash.

Thinking about heat, the gas cooker would produce quite a bit of heat. That might not be welcome in summer. I'm probably better off heatwise by sticking with electric. Sticking with electric does give the option of going battery powered later or even just having a generator for times more power is needed.

The composting toilet is an inexpensive thing. I can always change to using a flush toilet later. This is not a problem. Indeed it is in the plans. Just about everything can be upgraded later.

Today, before work I had a quick look at the electrical system. For the moment I'll run the bus off a pigtail connector, 5 feet long. The previous owner also used a pigtail into the cable compartment but must have left it open as there was a rat nest inside!

The electrical system is a very few connections away from being completed. After this, it is registration and plumbing!

On my way to work, I stopped off at Lowe's for the cable clamp I didn't pick up when the guy helped me so much I forgot what I wanted. Then, after work I went to the bus to continue from where I left off.

The main breaker box had a knockout panel with three sections.needless to say, knocking one section out didn't work as it took the next out also. I would much prefer to have to cut my own holes rather than have them ready provided. I'll have to rivet a patch over the huge hole now and put the right sized hole in the patch!

See how big the hole ended up - several times the size required! With the big breaker box, I just drilled my own holes because there was enough space!

While in Lowe's, I looked at their 30A cable. I have five feet of 30A cable but I'm not sure what kind. They sell soow whiuch apparently is weather and oil resistent on the outside and sjoow which is apparently resistant on the inside too. Anyway, at $1.89 a foot, its way too expensive! Online I saw one website that allegedly sold cable for 82c a foot. Wouldn't you know it - that site required me to register before it'd let me buy! I used an email address I never use and each time I tried registering, the site came up with a page load failure. Quite frustrating!

So, tomorrow the plan is to fix the big hole with a metal plate. I did discover two small knockouts at the bottom. Those look like they'll be much less of a headache to use! I'll probably use those instead and just rivet and seal a patch over the big hole.

After that I'll have a go at completing the electrical system. As I said, I'll probably do a pigtail connection for now. I can always change that later! The big bonus - I don't have to fuss about with cable sockets right now. I can do that later!

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