Tuesday, September 8, 2015

On my back again!

But definitely no legs in the air! Today after work I had a few moments to work. Another socket was installed and the cable attached and stapled to the woodwork.

The view from under the counter of the backs of the sockets isn't very exciting. Basically, the cable goes through a 3/4 inch hole in the woodwork.

You can well imagine the fun positions I had to get into in order to drive the nails in when stapling the cables to the woodwork. It's a job I can honestly say isn't done as well as I'd like but given the difficulties, I'm unlikely to want to try again. My nightmare would be if there was something wrong with my wiring that meant I had to redo any of it.

Speaking of wiring, somebody pointed out that if I'd used 6-3 instead of 6-2 cable I could have had the equivalent of 100A available from a 50A four prong socket. Neat idea but my whole aim with this bus is to run it off the least shore power possible. The ultimate aim is to upgrade to 100% solar. That's several years away though and the budget is tight right now.

The view from the front shows my 3 installed sockets. The astute will notice 6 breakers in the box. Three are for potential future expansion. The other three are assigned one per socket.

While I did get the wires in place and through the cable lock at the bottom of the breaker box, I did not have the time nor the inclination to do anything else with them today. That's a job for Thursday night!

Today my $20 inlet socket arrived. It's way deeper than my existing socket housing. I might have an interesting time fixing up a housing for that! Still, its a good thing to have. Now I need to find some plugs to fit it. One will go to a 30A supply and one to a 15A supply.

As I've said before, my plan is to use ever decreasing amounts of mains power with the eventual aim of being able to boondock continually.

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