Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wiper working

A few days ago, I bought a bronze roller bearing. That, I slipped into the wiper transmission and over the 1/4 inch bolt. The wiper system worked and the wiper even self parks. I'll have to carry out more adjustment because the motor arm is in the wrong place so the wiper clunks badly. It's just minor adjustment of the motor arm and a bugger adjustment of the wiper arm. This is what they look like right now.
While I was out, today, I bought some steel angle to weld together to make a holder for my Honda engine filter. I'd been looking for a ready made door that I could put on the outside of the bus but it seems I'll have to build that too. So, I got a few other bits to help me make the frame etc in perfect proportion. Welding is always tricky! I have enough steel from old fridges to make a decent housing.

In Lowes (hiss, spit), there was a length of 10-3 flexible cable. That will easily carry 30A so I bought the offcut in order to use about 8 inches to fix my one malfunctioning socket. That, I'll probably get to after I've satisfactorily completed work on my wiper setup. That's almost right but not quite. It's just a case of keeping making adjustments. I'm not an expert - this is the first time I've ever done this and I'm learning as I go along.

I wasn't originally going to do any more welding since my welding isn't that great. I'd thought of riveting aluminum parts together to make my new air intake but I think it's going to be better if I try welding again. What I need is a mount for the air filter with a mount behind the air filter for a CPU fan then a door in front of the air filter that presses the filter securely into its mount. Keeping the door closed will be a challenge. I'm considering using a simple slide bolt and fitting a spring behind it to keep it closed. I'll have to modify the bolt slightly in order to make it more usable - unless I encounter a better idea!

The plan with the air intake is just to build the intake with the door, fan and filter then attach it securely to the bus but to leave installing the ducting and the power cable until the critters have all been cleared from under the bus.

As the air filter is 6x4 inches, I'll use a 4 inch diameter fan and put a little funnel to concentrate the air flow into a 1.5 inch tube. That will increase the speed of the air and also allow me to use my existing hole saw to make the new hole in the floor for the air ducting. That might not sound too generous but the bus is small and running consistently, this in combination with my extraction fans will reduce interior temperatures down to around the same as outside temperatures in the summer.

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