Sunday, April 30, 2017

Working wipers

Yes, readers, my wipers are now working albeit with a few caveats.

What was meant to be a quick half a morning job turned into a complete weekend. As mentioned before, the wiper motor that was condemned by the mechanic from work turned out to work. It looks to have a 3 wire connection like that of a Jeep Wrangler. Those connections are fast, slow and park except that it doesn't seem to park. No matter!
I started off by mounting the motor semi horizontally instead of down the hole to the left of the motor. Anyway, it was an all day fight to get this far. It was a case of constant minor adjustments until the system worked.

After I thought I'd finished, the power cables that work my door motor came apart. Those are the same cables that worked perfectly until the mechanic took an interest and adjusted them by adding spade connectors. That took a while to fix.

I ran the wiper off a small 12v battery very successfully. The cables from the console didn't seem to do anything, I didn't have time to check the switch or console wiring today. I suspect I'll have to do more wiper adjustment and replace the wiper switch.

One thing I definitely have to do is to buy a 1/4 to 5/16 bush. The $40 wiper pivot (which I had to modify) has a 1/4 inch bolt connecting the connecting rod to the pivot. It really needs a 5/16 pin but if I put a bush on the bolt, it should work just fine.

It was so nice to see the wiper moving for the first time ever!

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