Friday, April 14, 2017

Heat exhaustion

Yup. I went out in the heat to work under my bus. It was very hot and I was quickly tired so I worked under the bus then sat inside and drank tea. I alternated like that, most of the day. It was only when I was doing the final work inside the bus that heat exhaustion turned into dizziness.

The upshot of the day is that the cable conduit is now fully secured underneath the bus and a troupe of Japanese Sumo Wrestlers could perform acrobatics from the cables without them coming adrift. I also installed a wire that reaches the solar charge controller. That wire passes through the floor and connects with the extra wire that I put through the conduit under the bus.

No photos today. Fastening conduit in awkward places took most of my time and though there's not much actual work there, the majority of time was spent wriggling into position, contorting my body into position to drive in self drilling screws then to remove the screw, attach the cable clamps with the cable held in the clamp. And did I mention getting a spider bite in the process, battling several wasps that wanted to build nests and trying not to roll on cactus plants that seem to be sprouting everywhere?

So once that was done I put the cable to my charge controller. That was a non urgent thing but as it was allied to what I'm doing anyway, it made sense to get on with it. Tomorrow I might move the battery box to the cockpit, thus freeing space in my storage area. As I was out of conduit, I went back to my old method of attaching cable. I taped it then secured it with silicone seal. By tomorrow the silicone seal will be dry.

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