Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rain stops play... again!

This weather is ridiculous. Hot and sunny one minute then pouring with rain and thundering the next. How am I supposed to get anything done?

The sum total of today's work is nothing much. I went over some of my welds again with a different rod. Then I filled in the two screw holes I drilled yesterday using my welding rod. Then I ground my welds smooth and drilled better placed holes to attach my CPU fan. I only drilled two holes because it's not a high stress application. I added a pair of brackets to the CPU fan mount that will allow me to install a separate top on my ventilation duct.
Then an epiphany struck me. Instead of making a square box structure, I could take a piece of flat steel sheet, weld it in place at the bottom then bend it upward to make a natural curve that would ensure ingested water would find a way out. Cutting the sides would be more interesting but welding shouldn't be any harder. Of course, by the time I'd grabbed some steel sheet to cut, it had begun to rain and I had to hurry indoors.

Talking about ideas, I looked into water heating. For $100 approximately, it's possible to buy an electric instant water heater. It takes 27 amps but my breaker boxes could be readily rewired to 50 amps. I have a 20A cord that could be replaced by a 50A cord. There's nothing remotely challenging there. I'd been thinking of adding a water inlet anyway. There's nothing to say hot water has to be supplied to the handbasin and not just ported in a jug from the shower.

Similarly, I've been considering a flush toilet rather than my current dry toilet. I'd have to install a septic tank but now that my welding is getting better, I see no reason why a modified beer keg could not be used. I rather suspect that whatever I flush into a beer keg would be far better than what was in it originally.

There is no limit to the upgrades it's possible to do to a motorhome. This ventilation system was unplanned but given the 100F inside yesterday, seems necessary. Once it is done, I might have to add more solar capacity. It's something I'd been thinking of anyway. 

For the moment, the plans are thus...
1. Install ventilation unit.
2. Fix 120v wiring.
3. Wire wiper switch.
4. Get the bearing steamed and greased, the kingpins checked, the pedals sorted out and work the short out of the electrics.
5. Retitle as a motorhome.

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