Thursday, May 11, 2017


Today was horribly hot at 97F inside the bus. I made the mistake of wearing jeans which didn't help either! Put simply I didn't do much as I spent the day feeling the effects of the heat.

I have had various ideas about putting an outside air intake into the bus. One was to put an intake under the bus. That would have been simple for installation but not for changing the filter. Another was to put the filter and fan inside the bus skirt with air being drawn through a vent through the skirt then pumped through the floor. That all seems a lot of work though!

The latest idea is to copy the existing vent in the side of the bus and pull air in through the side and pass it into the cabin through a filter. After looking at the existing intake, it seemed rather much of a challenge to use it but that might be possible. It merits further investigation.

While I was out today - being my birthday I had the day off from work - I browsed Lowes looking at things for my ventilation plans but ended up buying nothing. I looked casually for plumbing parts but decided not. In the end, the only money I spent was $2.53 in Starbucks for some very mediocre coffee.

Returning home, I cut some more angle iron ready to weld together to hold a CPU fan but did no welding. It was just too hot. Maybe the weekend will be better.

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