Saturday, January 21, 2017

The best laid plans

Unfirtunately, when I arrived at Harbor Freight, I found I'd inadvertently left my wallet in the house. All I could do was wander around and drool. That was a shame as it was 26 miles in each direction. Thus, after returning home to retrieve my wallet, I headed out on a shorter trip. This time to Tractor Supply.

I had a small shopping list from last week that I'd not managed to complete during the week. It had not helped that during the week I'd had to deal with a faulty oil pressure gauge on my car. The weather today was no great recommendation either. Thick fog in the morning and a black sky with heavy rain in the afternoon.

Needless to say I got almost everything. I'd planned to get some  plywood but held off on that for the moment. The current plan since the weather is very wet is to complete the bars over the driver's window then to put together the fittings for my barrel hangers.
When I got as far as completing the bolt assembleys I had a surprise. There weren't enough bolts to hang the intended 4 barrels. Then I remembered I'd planned to mount 4 but later decided to concentrate on installing the two grey barrels since I don't actually have a white or black barrel yet.
While in the store there was a small ammunition box on sale. Being steel, it has possibilities. For a long time I've been thinking of a portable power pack built up using NiMh AA batteries. I'm still running ideas around in my head but it just seems to me that a box such as this containing battery cells could easily be attached underneath the bus. LiOn Batteries might even be a viable option, using a charge controller. The output need only be 12v as it'd only be used for small stuff. I'd already discovered cooking from battery power is impossible unless it's Barbie sized cookware.

The big thing about a steel box is its non flammable. I can't say the same about the kooky setups I've seen elsewhere. 

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