Saturday, January 14, 2017

Antics of the neighbors

My painting of yesterday was still mildly tacky so I moved everything into the bus to paint the other side in the thought the bus would get warm and bake it dry. After painting it, outdoors got warmer than the bus so I had to transfer it all outside, getting pretty painty in the process.
Anyway, it all got transferred outside and at the last inspection seemed to be drying nicely.

All my work was overshadowed by an entertaining spectacle down the lane. Some flashing lights piqued my interest so I wandered to the mailbox to fetch the mail. It seemed there was a tow truck pulling a red sports car out of a neighbors driveway. This just didn't look normal and things seemed to be getting somewhat involved. I settled down in the driver's seat of my bus with a steaming hot mug of tea, my tablet and a pair of binoculars.
By the end of quite a while, a pickup truck with a trailer had been and gone twice, loaded high with stuff. A flatbed truck with a tilting platform had the red sports car loaded on it and then a red pickup truck was put on tow behind it. 
It's not that visible and I've done my best to make it more visible. I was trying to remain inconspicuous and out of the way in case somebody started shooting at whomever. By the end, the flatbed truck returned but didn't seem to take anything away. The pickup truck returned and left loaded and with the trailer loaded. All very puzzling and curious. It could have been repossessions.

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