Saturday, May 21, 2016

Worn down and exhausted

Yup... That's me. I'm absolutely exhausted. One friend suggested vitamin B and sunlight without knowing I'm out in the sun a few hours most days. Guess I'll try the vitamin B. Nevertheless, I did get a little done. One of the things that was bugging me was the way the paint on one side of the roof was streaky due to my starting work with a brush. Thus, I got up on my stepladder and sprayed the streaks. The end result looked pretty good. I still have to get up there with masking tape to tidy up the seam between the white and grey areas.
The quest to design a door unlocking system continues. I retried my coil with a neodymium cylinder magnet inside and some more magnets on top for weight. Applying a 9v battery, the magnet leapt out of the coil. There was little extra power from the plunger effect and the coil rapidly became quite warm if not hot. It's probably best to redo the coil on a copper plumbing tube. They say thickness is best for magnetic coils. I'm pretty sure the coils have to wind in the same direction so it could be a case of having to layer the coils. Thus far there is no believable online source on coil winding. It's going to be a lot of experimentation. I continued to play with the electromagnets I bought with little success. Trying them with a compass, they worked as North or South Pole magnets. Oddly, they refused to repel my neodymium magnets. It didn't matter what the polarity combination was but nothing happened other than the magnets remained firmly stuck together. There has been no progress with the security panel on the back door. I'll try to work on that tomorrow. I just hope I'm feeling better. It's a simple process to screw the panel on. I just have to get down to it.

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