Sunday, May 29, 2016

The new idea

After failing to get anything worthwhile from the solar panel, I came to the conclusion that I should just run the fans off batteries. It makes far more sense, to be honest. I can go for my main solution for my shower and just use D cells. Heck, I can even get rechargeable D cells. Perhaps I might even be able to put one of the wind powered vents up eventually that are popular for vans in Britain.

Needless to say, I had a look at some of the electronics groups and went through the usual ringmarole of explaining things simply and nobody understanding what I meant. Then came the usual suggestions that involved buying extra stuff. Somebody then wanted my address to "send stuff". I bet he fancied his chances!

Then I realized that I was making a simple thing needlessly complicated. Solar panels in my experience have always been disappointing. Pretty much like LED lights. So, the new plan is just to run the darned fans off 4 D cells or even AA cells. My guess is they're 140ma which would give me 13 hours with 2000mah AA cells. Now if at some point the panel made it back into the equation then it might make those 2000mah cells last a complete day (but I doubt it).

I'll just regard the solar panel like most electronics as garbage until proven otherwise. My experience of electronics is not good. Most of the circuits in electronics books that I've built, despite meticulous checking never worked. Some did but most did not. It's something I'll usually try though because it has worked.

With that in mind, today I did a little work on my door opener. The second iteration of my design has one layer of coil on a brass tube. Today I used the thread locker that I found singularly useless and poured it liberally over the coil wires in the hope that it'll secure them in place. I had to break off then because it could take a while to dry.
Now, the next stage will be to see if the blue stuff has held. If so then I'll work slowly along the whole length, securing as I go. Then I'll add another layer of wire. I might have to add several layers in order to make the magnet powerful enough.

Meanwhile, I went out into the rain and tidied milady's front yard where the bus had been standing this past year and a half. That took quite a while and I am positive when the weather dries I shall find more garbage to pick up.

Later I returned to my magnetic coil with the blue adhesive on it. Frustratingly, the blue stuff had not dried. Why should I even be surprised? It didn't work as a thread locker which is the purpose for which it was sold. I'll have to look at it again tomorrow. I have a feeling spray paint will be faster and more satisfactory.
In other news, the front door which wasn't closing well, closed well tonight. I had to push the door as I closed it. Clearly as it appears to be bent, I'll have to figure out some way of straightening it. That's going to be interesting.

No call today from the parts store about my new rear turn signal. I'll go and harass them tomorrow since they were allegedly going to have it in on the day I ordered it (Friday). Typical bloody salesmen - promise the earth just so you don't dare go anywhere else then fail to live up to their promises, ensuring you never darken their doors again!

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