Sunday, May 22, 2016

Re: And the Lord spake: Let there be light - and lo, there was light.

And there was light - briefly! I took the covers off the left rear turn signal and left reversing light. The reversing light is pretty rusty inside - ripe for replacement. The cover was pretty opaque - until I washed it out. It was filthy and full of what appeared to be mud. Heaven alone knows why that should be.

The left turn lamp was somewhat dim. I had changed the cover before because I was not overly keen on the arrow built in. Pulling the bulb out was the obvious step and indeed it came out but in two pieces! After replacing the bulb with a brand new one, I tested and it worked. The light was too dim for my liking. Thus I changed the cover over to the arrow cover again - after washing it thoroughly. Again, it was full of mud. It's almost as if the back of the bus was submerged in muddy water! Testing it again, it didn't light. I'll return to that another day.
I completed installing the lower rear window security panel. Installation was easier than I had anticipated. It's not brilliantly strong but it'll take a villain long enough that they'll move on rather than spend the time. Installation took very few minutes.

Next, I found my Harbor Freight gas burner again. I tried filling it with no joy. Trying various things, I failed to get it working. Thus I slowly dismantled it. Half way through, the cylinder portion blew off under gas pressure and shot across the yard. Investigation revealed the gas inlet valve worked just fine but the valve to the burner was jammed. That was freed but when the cylinder blew off, the ignition tube was damaged. Basically, it is unusable junk. Time for the trash!

Next, I taped along the roofline where I'd splattered white over the gray. The tape was allegedly masking tape but was really hard to get off the roll. Still, I managed and touched up the gray. Then it was a case of peeling off the tape. It all took quite a while but the results were satisfactory as can be seen. I'll touch up the grey where the wrong kind of grey was used on the side of the bus at some future point. There are a few places where the gray has come off, revealing yellow. I'll touch that up as I go along.
The last thing I did was to add amber reflectors to the outer edges of the mirrors. I have noticed vehicles with amber markers on their wing mirrors and thought it a good idea. Anything that adds safety is a good idea! Doing this, I noticed my quarter mirrors are both right hand mirrors and both on right handed supports. I'll bet it was Calcaseu Parish School District that did that. I don't think the hillbilly previous owners would have bothered.

In other news, I'm now blogging from my iPad. I had been using a blogging app yesterday but it destroyed all my paragraph spacing, turning all my nicely formatted and readable text into a massive block that's hard to read. Thus, today I'm using the email option that blogger offers. It means no tags and no search description but the blog gets published and that's what matters!
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