Monday, February 6, 2017

Wiper thoughts

Hunting around today, neither Napa nor the truck servicing center had a clue about replacement parts for my windscreen wiper. Thus I trawled around online before a really crazy idea hit me! It's just a wiper motor and mechanism. It could be just any wiper motor with similar linkage and similar wiper arm length.

Looking at the arc covered by the wipers, it seems to be around 135 degrees. That's around the arc covered by the rear wiper on my Xterra!

Volkswagen Jetta wiper motors seem to be very cheap. It's not hard to make new mounts or longer linkages so I'm wondering exactly why the international wiper motors are so expensive. It's not as though the amount of glass being wiped is particularly massive.
It's also not as though there's any extra stress as all wipers are subjected to the same kinds of stress. The only difference might be the control switch but since I have to replace that anyway, that shouldn't be too hard.

Right now I'm thinking about it.

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