Sunday, February 19, 2017

Getting board.

As it was a sunny day, I continued the work from yesterday, mindful of the things that still absolutely need to be done. This list is now getting rather short, thank goodness. It's a far cry from when I first purchased the bus and had so much to do that I barely knew where to start!

Yesterday I had cut and glued some spacers and had cut plywood offcuts to make a single panel over one window. Today I glued and screwed the spacers in place then worked on making the whole thing fit in place. The first panel was made of two pieces of wood as that was available.
It's not a perfect fit but I can caulk it. I'll glue that in place after I've painted it. I'm just hoping these glued will be up to the task!

I managed to cut the second panel from a single offcut of plywood leaving very little waste. In fact, I'd had an 8x4 sheet of plywood and had cut a 3x5 section out to put on top of a folding plastic table that was bowing. The rest had been stored until such a point as it was needed.
This is the other piece with the spacers visible. The spacers keep the plywood from resting against the rubber window gasket. It all goes toward maintaining the illusion of a prison bus on the outside. These will be helpful lest a box fall against the window. I'm sure I'll pile things way too high!

And that was my lot for the weekend. On the next fine weekend I will paint both panels. The glue is still moist so painting today would not have been such a great idea. 

Yesterday I had a look at my windscreen wiper pivot and found the ball connector is 0.5 inches. Thus I ordered a connector for it from eBay. I'll have to make a brand new set of wiper linkage but this is going to work. I'll make it work!
It's actually getting quite exciting now. I have flights of fancy but largely the motorhome will be completed fairly soon. Those flights of fancy include an instant hot water supply, a plumbed in supply I can connect to a hose pipe, a house battery etc but in reality all I need for now is the main breaker box, the windscreen wipers and the wood panels to be completed. Or there could be more...

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