Saturday, February 18, 2017

It rained!

Yesterday I picked up the final turnbuckle for the already installed two waste barrels. Whether I install more barrels is not yet definitively known. Today of course there were several ideas that needed to be acted on. Those were the back windows, the turnbuckle and the breaker box.

As it was cloudy but dry, I set to and cut plywood to fit the back window. As I'm using offcuts from a domestic project, one side took two pieces. Sadly, I didn't get to complete that today. Some plywood strips needed to be glued together as spacers. My glue was elderly and mostly dried hard. Thus after finding sufficient moist glue in the bottle, I glued two strips together. The next step was to head to the dollar store for more.

The dollar store had an empty space where glue had been so I had to go elsewhere. Coming out of the dollar store it was beginning to rain so it was a case of racing back in order to grab the wood and put it away before it got soaked. Plywood does not like rain! Walmart was the next stop where, of course, I picked up a few extra things. There was a little battery powered alarm clock that looked worthwhile. My old solar powered thermometer clock went bananas. I noticed Walmart no longer sells them! In order not to tempt fate, I chose the cheapest clock they had. Single function gadgets work far better than these multi function disasters.

By the time I returned with my clock, my glue and a couple of other things, it was getting cold and dark and it was still raining. You would be correct in thinking I'm disappointed with the work completed today. I was rather glad the first thing I did was to kneel beside the bus and install my final chain and turnbuckle. That took a few minutes and some pulled muscles but it was done.

My windscreen wiper is proving a challenge. The pivot is a bit too long but is usable. The problem is it has a half inch ball connector. The rest of the system uses pins. That could be challenging. As Carpenter is no longer in existence, available parts need to be utilized. One hopeful retailer had two Carpenter pivots available and wanted $167 each. Yes... over a hundred dollars for something I can get with a slightly different fitting for less than a quarter of what they wanted. No prizes for guessing that they killed their chance of selling something few people will want.

Tomorrow I hope to complete my two window covers. While I might not get as far as painting them tomorrow, I hope to get the construction and fitting completed. The main breaker box can wait a while.

Lowering my brake pedal is the next task after the windscreen wiper. I should have remembered I'd get stupid responses if I mentioned that on a forum. I did and I got the stupid responses. It seems that forums are good for simple things that are easy to work out. For anything technical, forget it! I'm reminded of what a firmer coworker by the name of Aiden once said: "Forums convey minimal technical information, create a lot of noise and waste copious amounts of time".

Things on my dream list include a water plugin, a sewage plugin, a bugger battery and another solar panel. Then there's the reversing horn and powering the door lock from solar energy. Given that the strange gadget attached to the prop shaft has no function, I'm probably going to remove it once I trace the wires back. I'd rather pay to have the real speed sensor fixed than use a cobbled together half assed addition.

Meanwhile I noticed my steering tires are Dunlop G159 which apparently fall apart at 70mph. Their maximum rating is 65mph like the remolds on the back. I've said before that I have no problem with a maximum top speed of 55mph.

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