Monday, November 21, 2016

Wait for it....

I chatted to somebody at work about welding. It seems that my method of testing with a hammer is just fine and my welds look good.

I compare this with the baloney I read on a discussion group. All the things that I can't do with my welds, all the reasons why fault testing with a good look and a mallet won't work but no alternatives offered. Heck, people there even threw a wobbly over the weight of 15 gallons of water being 125.18lbs! Any engineer would immediately recognize that as 15 US gallons or would question why it wasn't their expected figure.

I have to say that it is really entertaining watching these online fools pretending to be experts. Indeed, when challenged with "For somebody claiming to be an expert, you seem to know surprisingly little", again, no question was ever asked. Instead the atta is continued with "Never said i was an expert and both my comments on water are correct, it just looks like a) you cannot take a comment on anything and b) you are always correct. Hope your welds hold as obviously you know that they will." Clearly this fellow is not an engineer.

Indeed, one comment I had on another welding discussion was so clearly asinine that I ended up posting: "Honestly, I think you're just blowing smoke out of your anus. If a weld will stand up to whacking with a hammer without chunks flaking off and without the work moving and as long as there are no visible cracks, it would take an X-ray to find faults. 90% of welding is not X-ray checked and it holds just fine. It rather sounds to me that you do not know anything about welding but are in fact one of those strange people (if indeed you're actually human and not some clever computer program) that spends their time trying to make people doubt themselves, their work, their God and tries to pee on everybody's sunshine." After that, I think they posted some other garbage but I had already given up on getting anything sensible from internet denizens.

Years ago the world split in two. Those that live through the internet and those that live real lives. I tried living via the internet but it was a bland, boring experience so I chose the real world. There still seem to be plenty people that believe the pap written online by various alleged gurus. According to online groups, my bus conversion can't work etc. what a bleating load of sheep!

Today I was reading various articles about social media. Some were in favor of it for job seekers, some were against and others were more inclined to dictating you you should use social media. I just hope that when the morons that posted garbage in my welding discussions have the common sense to delete their witterings before their employer sees them or perhaps their future employer.

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