Sunday, November 20, 2016

Security bars done

Today after doing the months grocery shopping I finished the security bars for the front door. I need to do something similar but removable for the driver's window too.
I think they look quite good. Whether they will deter a determined villain I do t know. The casual creep I can imagine will just pass on it.
I also got on with brushing the slag off my welds and cut the welded steel into appropriate units. I decided overnight to add two supports to each barrel rather than to replace all 3 existing supports. It means more redundancy and I can check to see which chains are working best or worst or if indeed there's a difference between the systems.
The crap talkers made me doubt my welding. I'm thus going to take these into wirk and ask some of the welders there what their opinion is if my welding. I think it looks OK. That's the problem with these online groups. They talk so much absolute crap that it makes you question yourself a bit too much. Still, since they spoke crap about my welding, I'll ask another welder to look it over.

I need to make two more attachments and have cut some steel ready to weld loops to. Although I had a few minutes to do that, it was at the end of the day and I didn't want to feel rushed.

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