Saturday, November 12, 2016

Back to work!

Today I got back to work on the bus. I started with the intention of finding my 3/16 rivets but though I found a few, I didn't find the box I thought I had. That was majorly annoying! In the end I found about 4 so I made progress on a new security bar for one of the windows on the bus door. I'd already attached bars over the third of the four windows.

Another plan is instead of using rope tie downs I'm thinking of welding single chain links to a thick sheet of galvanized steel. Then that sheet can be attached at all four corners using 5/16 bolts to the C section ribs under the bus. Finally, after having tightened the nuts as hard as possible, I'll weld the threads so that the nuts cannot possibly come off.

Meanwhile, I've been looking at the LED lanterns. The light produced is somewhat disappointing. I get more light from a 40w bulb in a standard lamp than from all of my 4 LED lanterns combined. Apparently 40W is about 600 lumens. One of my 4 lanterns is alleged to produce 300 lumens. All 4 should produce far more. The sad fact is, they don't. This is not really surprising to me. LED lamps produce light but it just can't compare to a real bulb.

I want to weigh my bus in order to be able to adjust tyre pressures etc. I'll have to finish packing up the construction stuff. Then there's a pile of medical books in the bedroom that I pulled out. I'm almost tempted to sell them in order to regain the space. They were part of a course I did in medical coding and billing that was alleged to lead immediately to employment but which never did. I call courses like that, scams. I shall never again attend another Midlands Tech course.

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