Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Yesterday I put what I believe will be the final lot of caulk on the floor panel. Thus I would have painted today but as normal, after my 12 hour work day, I was too busy doing immediately necessary things.

Speaking of work, I reversed the work Schoolbus today and not just around a corner! I did a straight drive forward between two lines of cones. Then I reversed back through the cones. That went well. The next stage was to drive forward between two lines of cones then to switch lanes while reversing back between a different set of cones. That went well too. Where it all went to pot was when I tried parallel parking between some cones. The first attempt I overhung the side cones with the back end. The second go, I acquired the nickname Coneman the Destroyer because I successfully knocked out a couple of the cones at the back. Third time worked a charm. I'd figured out by repeating what I did the first time, what was going wrong. I'd been reversing a 50 foot bus like a car instead of as a bus. Reversing has to be shallow but with a swift leveling of the front end.

Returning home, having been driving busses, I sat in the driver's seat and looked at my mirrors. They're pretty inadequate. I have the cross view mirrors which show everything they should. My other mirrors are woeful. I have two convex mirrors mounted so low they're hard to see and two flat mirrors that are equally poorly placed. They're also low. I can see I'm going to have to raise the two sets of mirrors as well as possibly adding an extra mirror on each side. Mounted as they are, I cannot see my rear wheels. That's just plain bad!

Meanwhile, I've been putting off driving my bus because it is a totally different configuration from those I drive at work. The work busses are transit busses which have the steering wheels about 6 feet behind the driver. Mine is a conventional bus with the steering wheels 6 feet in front of the driver. Quite a difference for a learning driver!

In other news, some hilarity.
Clerk - did you sign your time sheets yet?
Me - what time Sheets?
Clerk - the ones in your mailbox
Me - what mailbox?
Clerk - mailbox XX
Me - I've got a mailbox?
Clerk - yes!
Me - can I have a key?
The clerk goes away and hunts and announces the key is missing but hands me the time sheets to sign. Incidentally that was at 2pm and the one sheet had to be submitted by 12pm and the other about 2 weeks ago.

Oh well. It should all be fixed now. I'm rather tickled by the fact such a mixup should happen. And to save embarrassment, I'm not mentioning the venue!

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