Friday, September 16, 2016

Something for the weekend?

Years ago, the classic line from a hooker in Brutain used to be "Simething fir the weekend, sir?" Gentlemen worth their salt would smile and say they didn't want to have to visit the STD clinic on Monday. That's all beside the point though. The weekend is upon us. I do have something for the weekend too but it's not in the form of a short skirted fishnet clad harlot!

Over the past few weeks I've been observing the bus mirrors more closely. As they are all set way too low, I decided to correct this. That was a performance! I pulled out a 3/4 inch socket and a socket driver. Upon attempting to use the socket driver, it just clicked and did nothing. Clearly a broken driver. I pulled out another driver and worked on the mirrors. Using a combination of WD40, an adjustable spanner, a socket driver and a hammer I managed to raise one of the long mirrors and a convex mirror. The convex mirror needs further work. Indeed there is a question, having seen mirrors on the busses at work, whether it might be a good idea to go for a different mirror system. This question is especially pertinent since some of the mirrors need to be replaced due to deteriorated reflective surfaces.

Meanwhile, I looked at the acrylic caulk I put on the newly laid floor board. It seems still to be slightly soft. That's not welcome but I'll wait a bit longer to see if it hardens. These things have a habit of taking forever to harden.

My bus driving course is going well. I passed the basic bus manovering test. I'm now heading toward the CDL test which involves being able to inspect a bus thoroughly for safety. The inspection really is thorough, focusing on essential electrical systems, the passenger and driver environment and the mechanical systems. There is no part of the bus that does nit get inspected thoroughly. I have 45 minutes to speed through my inspection.

As far as driving is concerned, my confidence has rocketed. I have noticed my existing mirrors were poorly aligned. Thus, I've been working today on fixing that. Given the challenge, posed by moving rusty mirror mounts that haven't been moved in 20 years, this might take several days!

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