Saturday, September 10, 2016

Filling the hole

I am now onto the section of my driving course where I have to learn how to inspect a bus for safety. The commentary is rather staid and goes along the lines of: The floor mat is securely attached with no missing nuts, bolts or screws. There are no holes, rips or tears that might cause somebody to trip or fall. There are 9 emergency exits....

The CDL course is very interesting and seems very worthwhile. I'm very lucky to have found a CDL course where I'm paid and learn. Whether the CDL will be useful later on, I don't know.

Today I screwed down the square of plywood that I'd cut beforehand. It seems that I was a little too enthusiastic in one place with my sanding. I got it right in other places though.
I'd neglected to buy caulk on my journeys to and from work. Today I made a trip to Dollar General and bought a tube of caulk. Putting it on with my caulk gun was easy enough and a spare angle bracket served to smooth it into place. When it's dried it might have shrunk. I'll have to look tomorrow.
At the moment, it looks pretty good. The next stage if the caulk hasn't shrunk will be to paint the patch and the caulk white. That will complete this part of the bedroom. While I'm at it with the white paint, I might also patch areas where I wasn't too accurate with my borders.

It goes without saying though that my focus at the moment is my CDL. That might open yet more doors. Having said that, I will be putting plenty work into the bus yet. Had I been to the store then I could have also completed my security bars on the front door.

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