Sunday, July 16, 2017

Two things can happen....

I'm still very much unwell due to the latest whateveritis that I've caught. The first thing that can happen is that amidst a gnashing of teeth and a wailing from those that dislike me, I'll recover. The other is that amidst much merriment and rejoicing, I shuffle off this mortal coil. That being the case, I've left it a bit late to elicit promises from those that dislike me to dance on my grave and to arrange a burial at sea.

Needless to say, yesterday was a dead loss. Today however, I struggled out and did a few things. The first was that I started the bus engine for the first time in months. I'm happy to say it started immediately. Then I tried my right wiper to no avail. I know the wiper works so I'm going to suspect the switch. Thus I spent a massive $9.95 and ordered a brand new Thomas wiper switch.

Then I spent a good long time on my hands and knees wiring one of my new charge controllers. I set that to top up my 7AH batteries, one at a time. At the same time I thought about combining the output of the two sets of panels into a single battery but didn't proceed. I'm rethinking that and am pretty sure that I'd rather wait and put a long cable in, under the bus, linking the two sets of panels with charge controllers drawing off that combined power for their various purposes.
Right now I'm thinking of.
  • My 5AH battery going to a charge controller that just maintains the battery as fully charged but a second connection from the battery bypassing the controller that goes straight to my door lock.
  • My 10AH battery is insufficient for my upgraded extraction fan and building the new twin 7AH battery pack has an issue. I have the narrow spade connectors needed but am low on 18 gauge cable. I've ordered more off eBay.
  • I'll put in two fans churning air around in the cabin. That'll make it feel a lot cooler. Currently that churning is going to be carried out by two 90mm CPU fans. One will be on the galley partition and one on the bedroom partition. As they use 24 gauge cable, I ordered some off eBay. I would buy elsewhere but the one horse town I live in has no decent shops. Those will be powered by my 10AH battery running off another charge controller.
  • I'm going to have to put fuses on my solar panels in order to protect them from short circuits. At 20W for the back, a 2A fuse will do and at 15W for the front, a 1.5A fuse will do. 
  • When it arrives I'll wire into the circuit a 12V cigarette lighter socket, correctly fused and with diode protection. That will be mounted on the outside of the vehicle in order that I can put up a mini wind turbine or external solar capacity.
I'm waiting for several things to arrive by donkey post from China plus a few from the USA. That in no way restricts the chance of retitling my motorhome sooner rather than later. 

When I connected the bus battery ready to start the bus, I saw a problem with my cabling. It is theoretically possible for the live connector to swivel to touch the negative. I will have to come up with a solution to that one, fast. If, of course, the short circuit were cut out of the system, I could just leave the battery connected. I suspect the short is to do with the non operational secondary speed sensor. That plus a steam and grease is a job for a mechanic as is getting the real horn button operational.

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