Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Put on hold

Bus completion is temporarily on hold.

I have almost completed the bus. I need to tidy the inside in order to figure out if anything else really needs to be done. It's looking, honestly, pretty darned complete right now.

The reason for this arrived in an email from my father. It appears that yesterday my mother passed away. I need to fly 4,000 miles to attend her funeral.

Right now, a hurricane is about to come ashore too. That has pretty much grounded most flights. I vounteered to drive a school bus to Charleston to pick up refugees but it seems that the district had asked for too many drivers to attend. There were plenty busses but in the end, they sent just ten. Oddly, they put 3 drivers per bus. The half dozen of us left without busses to drive were sent home.

I shall return.

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