Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cleaning up

Today while I should have been looking for clothes to take to the funeral and booking a flight, instead I sat numbly in the bus. Then I went outside and picked up as much construction debris as I could find in the yard. Normally I don't touch cleaning unless it's a dire emergency. It's so mind numbing that it's actually helpful right now.

Following cleaning up the front yard which basically entailed piling the debris up in a more organized dump rather than simply scattered, I moved on to cleaning the bus. I started with the bedroom, sweeping the dirt out the back door while rescuing screws etc. Then the plastic carpet had a wash on both sides.
The floor is stained but latex paint doesn't shrug the stains off like oil based paint. Had I know. It was possible to get oil paint in lowes, id have used solely oil based. Still, I can always repainted the badly stained areas.
Having cleaned the bedroom, I cleaned half of the bathroom and set the toilet up as ready to use. Next I have to clean the shower and sweep debris into the galley. Without a shadow of doubt, this bus is looking better.

I still didn't look out the clothes I needed nor book my plane ticket!

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