Monday, April 4, 2016

Where am I building my bus?

Just in case anybody is wondering, I'm building my bus conversion in the real Deep South. This is the South so deep that the nearby town is run by one family!

This is the South where Confederate flags fly in preference to the US flag which is seen as being a symbol of oppression and where the Civil War is regarded as the War of Northern Aggression.

The photo below was taken a few footsteps away from my bus. You can clearly see the Confederate battle flag and some other Confederate flag. Look away and you'll see similar flags up and down the dirt track where I'm living.

Aside from the neighbors getting wild at times, this is a pretty peaceful area. It has to be, judging from the amount of people that shoot in their back yards. Most of the villains should know that everybody is armed and their chance of carrying out villainy unscathed is nil.

So, while not being an actual bus entry, I thought you might like to see the area where I'm building my bus

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