Friday, April 29, 2016

Last rites.

My first mission of the day was as a gravedigger. During the day at some point, a rather splendid and fairly large bird had flown into the upper rear door window, killing itself and leaving a greasy mark on the window. I have to clean that off later. For the moment I Satisfied myself by fetching a shovel and burying the corpse by some bushes in the front yard.

Inside the bus I put together the U bend for the handbasin. That didn't take too long and included 6 PVC plumbing parts. It all worked pretty well. I'm pretty happy with that.

Again, no photo. I'd just got that done when I was reminded why I need a better job. Working with kids, I get just about every bug and particularly tummy bug possible. I make sure never to eat near children and maintain scrupulous personal hygeine. It doesn't help much though as most of these bugs are airbourne. Yes - I got hit by the need to visit the smallest room.

As I've said before, it doesn't matter how great your resume is in South Carolina, you don't get anything good in terms of work without paying bribes. I refuse to compromise my morals by complying with that low standard of honesty. The aim of the bus is to give me somewhere to live and work from Monday to Friday that I can just take wherever my work will be. Weekends I can spend back at m'lady's ranch.

In terms of closeness to completion, I have to finish plumbing my waste tank in, install a front door unlocked, weld over the rear window. Then there is the fresh water tank and some testing and proving. It's almost there!

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