Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#Trump will not be pleased with me, even though #China will!

Currently the US election is proceeding through it tortuous progress. Daily over the course of about a year a slowly dwindling number of candidates out slang, out harang and out curse each other in a display of behavious fit only for a junior school playground. Donald Trump is currently leading the rat pack and though it looks to be a neck-and-neck fight between Trump and Clinton, I feal Trump has the edge. Needless to say, Trump hates everything to do with China and the Chinese - possibly about as much as he hates Moslems and Arabs in general.

With that background, I have clearly done something that will greatly upset Candidate Trump. By the time he becomes F├╝hrer Trump I trust he will have forgotten about my sinful transgression. Yes - I have been buying stuff from China on eBay. My latest purchase was 35 caribiner clips. These will replace the failed S hooks. 

Am I now to expect the knock on the door from Trump's secret police? Will I be dragged out into the street, tied backward on a horse, covered in pine tar and feathers then driven out of town? 

Were I not so tired tonight having been working like a dog at my day job, I'd have leapt onto the bus and installed my Chinese caribiners in place of my failed S hooks. Indeed, it might be possible to hang even my lantern using these caribiners.

In theory, 35 Caribiners should be sufficient for the bedroom closet chain, bathroom shower curtain and for my lantern hangers that are situated all around the bus. If not, I can buy more. I did give one a strength test, trying to pull it apart and it seemed to survive with impunity. I feel good about my cheap Chinese caribiners.

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