Thursday, March 17, 2016

Installing the hookers

Today though tired from work I went and spent half an hour installing my new Carebiner clips. Sadly there just weren't enough of any particular color. There were silver, pink, green and blue. I ran out of pink in the bedroom and had to use silver. I ran out of green in the bathroom and had to use blue. Still, they were installed. Now there should be no problem with anything vibrating off the screw eyes.

Meanwhile, it seems life became even worse for residents of South Carolina who can't find work. It seems the government lifeline of SNAP aka Food Stamps is going to be removed from the most vulnerable citizens. For some strange reason the rule has been introduced that those unable to find any work whatsoever will not receive any Food Stamps whatsoever. This will be the death knell for many of South Carolina's poorest areas. The problem is that Food Stamps come from the state budget and South Carolina is broke. That's why so many were on Food Stamps in the first place - there's  just no work. 

I am lucky in that I have a job. It's not great nor all that lucrative but it keeps the wolf from the door. It offers no benefits, no pension and not enough to afford more than the very basics but it's better than no job. It affords me money to buy gasoline and a little more. My goal is to get the bus operational as a motorhome so that I can work where there is work rather than simply work in no-hope jobs here. 

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