Thursday, December 17, 2015

A successful suicide mission

Yesterday my tablet (a 2012 Nexus 7) that I bought as refurbished from Walmart in October of 2014 decided to commit suicide. For quite a while it had been resolutely refusing to shut down. Three days ago, it started freezing. Thus, yesterday I pressed the reset button. This should have set it into factory reset. Needless to say, it didn't work. It transpired that the recovery partition was missing. Now the only way that could have happened is that Walmart's A+ technician had really shown what stunning worth A+ computer certification has. No sane person ever deletes a recovery partition but I see grubby computer tech after grubby computer tech doing it. It's like a religion of lemmings!

Needless to say, blog entries will be missing until the tablet is replaced. Bearing in mind the refurb Nexus was $100 and lasted a mere 14 months, I shall not be buying secondhand again. This time it's a 16gb RCA tablet for $55 with a keyboard case.

I did try my Mac but without getting it fixed, its not possible since the screen lamp keeps going out. It could be the battery or something worse. Best case scenario its the battery but a new battery at $80 is an expensive gamble!

My new tablet should be available on Monday so until then, no blog entries. I'll work on the bus - probably welding but blog updates will have to wait. My phone with its 4 inch screen is a bit small to do major updates.

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