Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The dreaded day of planning has arrived

Looking at the inside of the bus, I was filled with a sense of utter bafflement. What to do and how to do it. I lifted one of the metal sheets from one wall and it seems to have been put on by Carpenter. Thus, I replaced it. The problem is how to do the interior.

My original plan was modified toward retaining the existing windows but simply blacking them out. As the hillbillies had managed to make two windows disappear, they need to be replaced. As the folding table from the side of the bus was a decent-sized sheet of aluminium, that might replace at least one, possibly two windows.

An idea popped up of just putting curtains over windows but that just doesn't seem so homey. The original idea is back. There are some tasks to complete before construction can start. The first is fixing the floor - at least as far as the wheel wells. The toilet is something I'm not 100% sure about yet but it could well end up being my favored cat-lit toilet - at last for now.

So, plans for the next few days are to replace one - preferably two windows with metal, fix the floor then start construction of the kitchen and toilet areas.

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