Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rainy day

Wouldn't you just know it! The weekend and it's raining so it's not possible to work on the outside of the bus nor since it's chock full of m'lady's belongings is it possible to work inside either. Thus the solution is to work on my receipts to see where the money is all going.

Meanwhile, I had some new ideas about the interior. Instead of spending a ton of money on steel plates to replace the windows, the two missing windows will be replaced by steel or plywood or something and the others will simply be painted over. All the windows will have a sheet of semi rigid plastic stuck over them to reduce condensation inside the bus. Velcro will be used to attach insulation to the interior panels in order that it can be removed if there are issues that need attention. The interior structure will be built of a framework of angle iron with OSB paneling, faced with something more user friendly but inexpensive.

The plumbing and electrics will be interesting to do. Immediately I'm thinking about the interior structure. Plumbing and electrics will be interesting in their own rights but will be handled separately. There will be a 12v lighting circuit using LED lights only and a 5v circuit with USB sockets for use for charging phones beside the bed. There will also be a charging station. As far as plumbing is concerned, it makes sense to have the shower, toilet and kitchen area on one side of the bus, all next to each other.

The whole idea is to have everything simple for installation and maintainance. The angle iron will be bolted together rather than riveted on the basis that if need be, it can be disassembled easily in order to resolve possible future problems.

The main aim is to do this as cheaply as possible. This is why a schoolbus is used instead of just buying an ordinary RV or motorhome. The cheapest RV was $14,000 from a dealer and had a gasoline engine. This was $4,200 and has a diesel engine. Diesel is more advantageous as it's more powerful though slower burning. Diesel engines tend to be slower but more economical. Despite the bus being heavier due to its more solid construction methods, it's still better in my opinion.

One thing I laugh at is that while my bus was parked here, somebody pinched a few gallons of diesel. As nobody around here runs anything that has a diesel engine, my best bet is they put it into a gasoline engine and then had to call a tow truck and have a mechanic to fix their gasoline engine. There sure are plenty people dumb enough to do that!

The only bus-related activity completed today was to put shower sealant on the back door to try to glue the rubber door seal back into place. Other than that I collected most of my receipts to add them all up.

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