Wednesday, June 28, 2017

In the wake...

In the wake of the failure of my CPU fan based air injector to inject enough air to make a difference, I looked online and found a marine bilge fan that purportedly blows 135 cubic meters of air a minute. It has a very high power usage at 2.5A but if it really does shift that much air then there are two solutions.

The first is to replace both of my existing extraction fans with the new more powerful fans. This might involve relocating the battery pack to the back of the bus and reallocating the cable that runs the length of the bus to connecting the three solar panels in parallel. That should allow for fairly powerful air extraction.

The second is to leave the extraction fans as they are but to add an air injection system using force injected, filtered air powered solely from the front solar panel.

The problems as I see it is with extraction only, the roof vent at the front might drag wet air into the bus and pollens could be sucked in. With air injection, the noise level could be high. There's also a chance of moisture injection.

I definitely have to try to do something about the temperature inside the bus though. Anything higher than outside temperatures is unacceptable. Whatever I do though has to be powered from 35W of solar panels. There will be no additional solar capacity added.

Another option could be just to replace a single extraction fan with a more powerful alternative and see what happens. The aim is to remove hot air and replace it with cooler outside air.

Meanwhile, somebody asked me why I don't do Facebook. The answer is that I just don't find Facebook to be a pleasant and engaging experience. Rather the opposite in fact. I found my naively innocent responses seemed to result in angry and ugly words aimed in my direction. Then I'd find my feed would be swamped with generic reposts from accounts not in my friends list that would never be in my friends list either. Thus, since all Facebook did was raise my blood pressure, I deleted it. I've deleted Facebook several times in the past after other users rudeness and arrogance became too much to bear.

I can't honestly say I miss Facebook. Sure, there were a few people I knew on it but largely they didn't post either. The problem comes from the fact that in order to sell advertising space, Facebook has to have as wide a user base as possible. That means that the lowest common denominator has to be accepted and that includes those that have not yet learned to wear shoes, bathe and to not make messes in the house.
As I didn't want to become an alcoholic, dealing with the cruel things people commented on my Facebook postings, instead of buying ever more booze, I deleted the Facebook app. I've been happily Facebook free for ages.

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