Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cutting angle iron

Today after running a mission, I set to and cut some steel angle inton. This was the steel that came from the hillbilly bed frames. It's fearsomely thick steel. Some measures 3.5mm thick and some measures 5mm thick. That's sturdy enough for anything I need! I tried to beat the thinner steel flat with a sledgehammer a year or so back and the steel just laughed at me. My 12lb sledgehammer swung hard didn't budge the angle.
In the photo, you'll see some of the 5mm angle, nicely cut with my angle grinder. The plan is to drill 4 mounting holes in one side of the angle and two holes for my chain connectors, one on each side of the other side of the angle.

In the photo you'll see a chain link welded to a piece of steel cut from one of the thinner angles. You'll also see three links with welds that didn't work. I have no idea why those welds didn't take to the steel as I cleaned the surface of the steel with my angle grinder before attempting to weld. You'll also notice my welds are a bit blobby. That's probably because the helmet is so dark I can hardly see through the visor. The leaflet says it's a darkness 10 but it's pretty hard to see what I'm doing. I've just ordered an 8 lens and I'll try to pop the 10 out and put the 8 in. If needbe I can always don sunglasses under my welding helmet!
In other news, I have been thinking about cleaning out useless junk. I have a huge pile of utterly useless medical coding and billing books relating to a year long course somebody persuaded me to undertake in order to get better paid work. It turned out that the course was pretty much a scam. Really and truly, all people do when billing and coding is look up the ailment online and put the ailment code down on paper. That's all it is - a course in how to look up a number. I was after the certificate because people here like certificates and yet upon successful completion of the course I was told there is no certificate though at the start I was told there was. It was listed as a Quick Jobs Course in the college prospectus. Anyway, the upshot was... best ever grades by a student and three years on, completing that course has not garnered me a single job interview. So, I looked at that pile of books and I'm just going to get rid of them. There's a ton of money there and I'm going to be lucky if I get my gas money back taking them to a secondhand bookstore to sell them. In fact, having looked up their resale value online, I might find I have to toss them in the garbage.

So, if anybody out there has been told there're jobs in Medical Coding and Billing, stop right there. Most people doing it have no qualifications in doing it. There's no need because 90% of it is computerized anyway. Feel free to slap the daylights out of anybody that advocates Coding and Billing as a career because it's a side job done by an entry level clerk. If any college has Coding and Billing on their prospectus then check to see if they really are accredited like they claim and be aware any college offering Quick Jobs is out to scam you. There are no Quick Jobs other than prostitution or drug pedaling (Though a college such as the one I attended might call it Street Pharmacy Technician).

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