Cautionary Tales

Forums can be hazardous to your health! I thought I'd better add this page after glancing at some of the dangerous things I have seen on forums.

The question of vehicle licensing came up on one forum and the advice given was dangerously incorrect. This is the kind of bad information that makes forums so hazardous to your health. In short before I post a load of screenshots of the asinine advice given, I'll tell you all you need to know about licensing. I live in South Carolina where the legal requirements are very little different from everywhere else in the USA.

To drive a School bus as a school bus, a CDL B is required with Passenger and Schoolbus endorsements. If you're driving a vehicle with air brakes, the air brakes endorsement is needed.

To drive a school bus as personal transport or motor home or whatever, non commercially, no different license is needed for vehicles with a gross weight of under 26,000lbs.

To drive a school bus as personal transport or motor home or whatever over 26000lbs, a class E license is needed. This is a simple computerized quiz and a brief driving test. There is no endorsement for air brakes.

To drive a school bus as personal transport, motor home or whatever and pull a trailer, a class F license is needed. Again, a simple computer quiz and a brief driving test.

For classes E and F there is no medical needed. No retesting is required.

Further on this, some morons have advocated removing cross view mirrors and other mirrors. This is asinine. All the mirrors supplied bar the student mirror are necessities. The cross view mirrors show your front wheels and your lane position. The furst side mirror should show your back wheel and the road alongside. This helps with going around corners. The other side mirror (you should have two plus the cross view mirror on each side) shows up to 200 yards behind your bus. There is a huge cone shaped blind spot to be aware of. A camera can help but the surest way to avoid backing accidents is to avoid backing.

Now, without further ado, here is the lunatic discussion. Now you can see why I am not a member of any of these imbecilic forums.

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